• Q: What is a Job Auction?

    A: A Job Auction is a new and exciting online service that helps individuals earn and save money, here's how:


    Invdividuals post all types of jobs like a house cleaner, handyman, painter, house cleaner, plumber, landscaper, mover, dog groomer, etc, these individuals are referred to as Job Posters. Companies and individuals then bid a price to complete the job posters job, these individuals are referred to as Bidders. The Job poster then chooses a bidder to hire based on price and reputation. Job Posters and Bidders remain anonymous until the Job Poster hires a bidder. The Job Poster gets the best price for the job and the Bidder finds work and earns money! 


    Q: Is there a fee to bid on Jobs?

    A: There is a small fee to bid on jobs, however this is a flat fee and you can bid on unlimited jobs at no extra charge. Getting hired for just one job will pay for your bidder access membership. All payments are safe and secure and processed by Pay Pal. 


    Q: Is there a fee to post a Job Auction or Hire? 

    A: There is never a fee to post a Job Auction or hire, post unlimited jobs for free!


    Q: Can I get a refund if I do not like the service?

    A: Sorry, we do not offer refunds because we offer the lowest possible pricing to our members. Being awarded just one job can pay for your monthly bidder access membership. 


    Q: I posted my job but can't find it?

    A: Please allow up to one hour for your Job Auction listing to post to the website. Please make sure the zip code is correct in your job posting.


    Q: I just registered and can no longer view a Job Auction listing.

    A: When you register, JobAuction's website uses your zip code to show Job Auctions that are within 30 miles radius of your home. Visitors who search JobAuction's website for jobs before registering will see all jobs that are posted across the US. It is recommened to register with the website before searching for jobs to get accurate search results within your area.


    Q: What if I post a job but never get a bid?

    A: If your job posting never receives a bid you may choose to relist it. It is recommended to allow at least 7-10 days to recieve a satifisfied number of bids. Please make sure that you provide as much information as possible when describing the job and upload pictures to show job details if applicable. 


    Q: What should I do if I awarded a job but the bidder never contacted me?

    A: Unfortunatly, you will have to canel and relist your Job Auction and also leave negative feedback to the bidder.